Weaving Heaven and Earth

creating the infinitely pleasing life

Weaving Heaven & Earth - a 7-Day retreat in Bali, Indonesia

Sunday March 11 - Sunday March 18, 2018

The magical Indonesian island of Bali inspires the innocent beautiful being deep within each of us into remembering the truth that Heaven does exist here on Earth. It exists within us and all around us. Bali beckons to us to feel into the natural, effortless ways to cultivate the conditions that nurture and nourish our dreams, which are sourced in pure potentiality. Join us, and allow Bali to bless you with experiences that draw you into living a life that is infinitely pleasing. Yes, really!

In this moment you are free to declare either the impossibility of weaving Heaven and Earth, or you can dive deep within to retrieve the innocent dreamer and allow that dreamer to show you another way.

Weaving Heaven and Earth is a 7-day inner + outer exploration retreat in Northern Bali. While exploring exquisitely beautiful island sites that surround us, we immerse ourselves in our most human responses. We explore and discover that which interferes with creating a life from the limitless potential of Heaven, then choose how to weave dreams, ideas and potential into a life that is worth living on earth.

Topics for Discussion:

  • Starting from a Position of Limitlessness
  • Creating a World of Compromise
  • Fear, Faith, Trust and Truth
  • Making it Up as You Go
  • You as the Vessel - You Within the Vessel
  • The Jungle of Disbelief
  • Drenched in the Waters of Life
  • Surrendering - Releasing - Letting Go - Giving Up

This retreat is for those who dare to live a life that allows Heaven to be present in every day life. It is for those who have been on a spiritual path yet haven’t found a place of joy and peace. It is for those who are curious about truly making a paradigm shift in their life, and it is for those who are dedicated to bringing Heaven to those who can’t yet fathom that possibility. Please join us!

More about this adventure & those leading you on the journey

lilin lovina beach hotel

Lilin Lovina Beach Hotel

Our home base for these magical days on Lovina Beach in North Bali - a stretch of coastline
not to be missed.... Waterfalls amidst the rice terraces, black volcanic sand, lively reefs and frolicking dolphins are just a few of the gems nature has strewn on the north coast of Bali.  

We at Lilin are here to help you set up your 'Bali home.'  Experience a candle lit verandah every night, a sunrise plunge in your individual pool or a stroll on the beach collecting shells. 

Room Amenities include:

  • soft soft sheets
  • a tiled verandah
  • plunge pool
  • air condtioning
  • free wifi internet
  • coffee and tea supplies
  • unlimited purified water
  • refrigerator
  • hair dryer
  • beach bag
  • water bottle
  • swings
  • badminton raquets
  • shampoo/conditioner/bath gel

Retreat Facilitator

Dr. Rosie Kuhn

Dr Rosie Kuhn has been in the field of Spiritual and Personal development for over 35 years. She has facilitated retreats around the US, Russia and now Bali. Her playful nature eases us into questioning the purpose of compromising our lives. She delights in each individual’s recognition of their fullest expression of their essential nature.

Dr. Rosie is a transformational life and business coach. She has written many books including Self-Empowerment 101, Cultivating Spirituality In Children and her latest book Aging Like a Guru. All of her blogs, videos and books empower people to empower themselves to know themselves as the essential spiritual being that they are. She empowers everyone to aspire to their fullest potential, even when it seems totally impossible to imagine.

Dr. Rosie’s message is that we are 100% universal potentiality, and that we have access to this potentiality every moment of our day. Our work is to choose to recognize when we live within our limiting beliefs and compromise possibility, then choose to choose differently in service of a life that is infinitely pleasing.

Yoga Instructor

Jessica Ruby Hernandez,  M.A., LMFT, E-RYT

 Jessica "Ruby" is a somatic-style psychotherapist + coach who believes that working with the body and its wisdom is key to healing from past traumas, finding peace within your daily live, and blossoming into the “glowing lotus” that we each have the potential to be: Present, Calm, Happy, Enlivened. With a strong background in Psychology, Yoga, Coaching, and EFT, Ruby brings a fresh, grounded, and holistic quality to her therapy and coaching practice. Her passion is to empower others to not only enjoy the gifts of the body they live in, but also to discover how to listen to + live from their soul so that they can begin living their life in a way that bring pure joy and fulfillment. Ruby holds a Masters degree from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology with Certificates in Transpersonal Studies and Creative Expression, and is a certified Transformational Life Coach through the Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group at ITP. Ruby is also an E-RYT Certified Yoga Instructor since 2004, and an Advanced EFT Practitioner. She conducts individual sessions, workshops, and group facilitation on various topics in yoga/movement, healing from trauma, EFT, conscious choice-making, and the art of living into your dreams. 

What a day looks like....

Each day will include Yoga by the sea, colorful fresh foods, deep discussions that weave together Heaven and Earth, and journeys to some of the most breathtaking places in the world. We will visit waterfalls, monasteries, reefs for snorkeling, as well as having some time for self-reflection, creativity, spa treatments and perhaps some shopping.

fees and logistics

Get in Touch!

Fee for the Retreat is $1331 per person ($275 Supplement for Single Occupancy)

The retreat begins with lunch at Noon on Sunday, Mar. 11 in the village of Sanur, near Denpasar Airport, continuing onto Lovina Beach in the afternoon. Registration fees cover double occupancy accommodation, all transportation, meals, group activities and two spa treatments. The retreat concludes after breakfast on Sunday March 18th. Transportation after is not included but can be arranged by the hotel to help accommodate the different travel plans of participants.

Reserve your Spot!


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

100% payment due at registration. 

Request for Single occupancy can be submitted via the website contact form. If available, you will receive an invoice for a $275 supplement fee which is due as part of your deposit for the retreat.

The Final Payments are due on February 11th, 2018 and will be invoiced via email. 

Discounts are available as reductions to the final payment as follows: 

"Bring a Friend or Lover"  - 15% discount

Cancellation Policy:  Registration fees are refundable if cancelled before January 15th and incur a $25 service charge to cover international transaction fees.  Cancellations must be made in writing via this website contact form.